Your 10 must-have jewellery accessories

Your 10 must-have jewellery accessories

A minimalist’s guide to choosing jewellery...

Whether you are clearing out and simplifying your wardrobe, or want to know how to accessorise with ease, these are the 10 accessories you need to complete your outfits:

  1. Hoops
Big or small, the versatility of hoops is unmatched. Large hoops immediately draw attention to your face. Pair with black eyeliner, mascara and a red lip and you’re good to go (pulled-back hair really shows off this style). Keep it casual with jeans, slouchy T-shirt, cute bag and sandals—easy-breezy Caribbean style! Hoops are also great for a night out, but don’t forget to “fancy up” the outfit to match.
Small hoops are less dramatic, but ideal for occasions that require a whiff of sophistication. Pair with a clean, natural eye makeup look, a nude lip, and a flowy, soft outfit for effortless chic. Personally, when I wear hoops, my inner Jennifer Lopez appears.
Small beaded hoopsTriangle Hoop Earring  Tiptoe hoop earring


  1. Statement earring

Pro tip: before shopping, take a look in your closet and check what colours you wear most often. Look for complimentary tones on the colour wheel below (generally on the opposite side).

        Snake earring    

Statement means large and showy. Long, narrow earrings elongate the neck. Shorter, wider ones highlight the feature positioned where the earring end. For example, if the earring ends at the lips, your lips will be emphasized more. Play about with textures and colours but be bold—statement earrings are meant to be the star of the show!

  1. Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is usually a large, noticeable ring that serves as the stunning focal point for an outfit. They are great when you're wearing high or intricate necklines or busy patterns. If you're lucky enough to afford it, you could choose diamonds—or other precious gemstones—inlayed on an intricate band. Cubic zirconia rings are a more affordable, but still very attractive, option.

Snake Ring
Side note: a very chunky cocktail ring—while beautiful—can be a little impractical if they snag on clothing. Stackable rings, on the other hand, can be just as effective, but less bothersome. 

  1.  Stackable rings

Multiple stackable rings serve a similar function to a large cocktail ring—they are meant to be noticed. The rings shine as a unit whereas individual bands tend to get a bit lost. My tip would be to start with two bands that you really like and add more as and when you come across more. Simplicity is key here. Silver or gold-filled rings tend to last indefinitely, look high quality, and are quite affordable. 

       Pearl Spiral Rings.     

  1. Charm Bracelet or wrap bracelet

Have at least one go-to piece bracelet. Neutral colours or sparkly bracelets will get the most use. If you want a brightly coloured bracelet, choose a colour that pairs well with your statement earrings. Wrap bracelets look very cool layered with other wrap bracelets. Tip: wrap bracelets can be fashioned into anklets or necklaces—yay for multipurpose fashion!



  1. Bangle or Cuff

These are a minimalist favourite. They can be very simple in design but can be worn with any sleeve length and immediately pull a look together. If you really want the most bang for your buck, choose simple over busy and put design before colour.

snake cuff bracelet 

  1. Long necklace (25-30 inches)

Long necklaces—especially when they are chunky and colourful—look amazing on work shirts, dresses and with almost every neckline. They are also important if you like layering. Pendants with crystals or gems look very cool and add movement to an outfit.


  1. Everyday pendant necklace (16-22 inches)
You can really have fun with these necklaces. Choose from the current trends such as beads, pearls, cloth, name plate or shell. If you like chokers, you could replace the mid-length with a choker but be careful: it’s not always the easiest necklace to style.
Everyday resin pendant necklace


  1. Pearl necklace

Vital for events where you need to be your most sophisticated, mature self. A pearl necklace confidently states that this is a lady who knows what she’s about. You could choose a fully beaded pearl necklace or, for a more modern choice, go for a single pearl pendant or coloured pearls.

 Pearl Necklace

10.  Stud earring

Best earrings for everyday wear. If you’re going with one pair, I’d suggest you opt for neutral tones... think gold, silver, white, black OR diamond stud.

         Favorite studs 


Now, I’m not saying this list includes everything you should have in your wardrobe, by all means buy what you want. You can have more or you can have very little. However, if you want jewellery to be a big part of your style, this list should be the minimum items you should have to complement a wide range of outfits. Remember, have fun and don’t take it too seriously. Jewellery should be used as a way to celebrate yourself, show your fantastic personality and your style.  



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