About the designer

Hi, I'm Christina!

I design classic minimalist jewelry for powerful women who use their style to show their individuality each day!


  1. Love unique jewelry
  2. Like easy to wear jewelry that does the work for you
  3. Are stylish, subtle and sensual in their aesthetic


Desperate for a creative outlet during my first pregnancy, I took a jewelry making class. I fell in love with the jewelry design process and got lost in my own little world while creating. At a time when I struggled to figure out who I was, making jewelry helped remind me what I was capable of. 

I've always loved wearing jewelry. I grew up in a time when CUTE plus size clothing wasn't a real thing yet so I used my jewelry to make me feel put together even when I despised my outfit. 

Now that I was making my own jewelry the sky was the limit. I spent hours daydreaming about each design and the feeling I wanted it to evoke. I wanted my jewelry to be part of a memory; to create a powerful feeling of accomplishment and confidence in you. 

Fast forward five years and what started as a hobby, has now morphed into a my third child. My passion still belongs with making jewelry that makes you feel beautiful, strong and accomplished as I did the first time I wore them but it has also grown to other areas. 

I have recognised the need for women to own more businesses and educating young women on being financially savvy on my little island. It is also part of my mission to encourage other young women to dream big and bold. 

Each Nude Designs piece is created to represent the powerful, amazing women who make this world turn; the mothers, the wives, the sisters, the favorite aunties, the entrepreneurs, the hustlers, the makers, the dreamers and so much more. 

Thank you for your support and love, 

It means the world,


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